The Importance of Sun-Care Product Labels in 2022

Jul. 11, 2022
Sun-Care Product Labels

Sunscreen is required for maintaining dermatological health, whether you’re on your way to the beach, pool, or out on an all-day excursion. Generally, the right sunscreen can help prevent many other skin ailments. What is the best type of sunscreen to use?  How do the consumers know which one to pick? When looking at all the different brands and types in the market today the consumer might wonder, what type of sunscreen is it, and what is it for? Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of utilizing an SPF product to protect themselves from UV damage and want the right sunscreen for them. Highlighting the ingredients and sun protection features in your product is a priority, therefore having the right sun-care product labels that balance both design and information is important. There are two types of sunscreen, that are out on the market today, that can be defined as mineral and chemical sunscreens. To block the sun's ultraviolet rays, chemical sunscreens use chemicals, while mineral sunscreens use zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to physically block UV rays. Mineral sunscreens are also referred to as physical sunscreen or “sunblock.” Emphasize your product's SPF ratings so customers know they can count on your sunscreen to offer the protection they require!

In the summer, sunscreen isn't the only skincare must-have. When people are only going to be outside for a short time, many use SPF cosmetics instead of sunscreen. As a result, cosmetic items may be subject to the same design principles. If your product has an SPF rating, mention it on the label. As with sunscreen, using bright colors can also be a great idea to display the warmth and color, further associating it with summer. This can be extended into Spray Sunscreens as well! Spray sunscreens are much less messy and more convenient to use than sunscreen lotions, which can take some time to fully integrate into your skin because of their creamy and thick texture. When you're just going out for an afternoon and need a quick and simple application choice, spray sunscreens would be most convenient. 

After-sun creams are also important when it comes to the recovery time by keeping the skin moist and repairing the skin barrier. This is specifically with after-sun care products that are made up of hydrating ingredients such as lipids, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin. The right visual design for these products is integral in displaying the important information and highlighting these ingredients. A simple, duo-color color approach, with lighter colors, is a popular design choice when it comes to after-sun care products. 

Shrink sleeves have been proven to be an effective choice for spray sunscreen products. With shrink sleeves, companies can create eye-catching sleeves that stand out with more customization and creative freedom. Shrink sleeves provide greater space for messaging by enabling full-color pictures that fully wrap around the container. To differentiate themselves from the competition, brands can distribute their goods in unusually designed containers, as shrink sleeves will wrap to the shape. 

Water- and oil-resistant labeling materials are important when designing packaging for sun care products. A mess-proof label will remain in place even if wet, and customers can easily wipe off other debris after it has dried. Customers will benefit mostly because your brand information will remain in pristine condition on your product.


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