Pet Products

Similarly to food packaging, convenience is key in the pet food industry and healthy alternatives are climbing in popularity. Between our innovative pouch structures, our IFS PACsecure certification, and our team of specialized engineers and technicians, we can create the perfect packaging solution for your brand.

Packaging Options

Digital Labels
Flexographic Labels
Dog Shampoo Pet Product
Dog Shampoo Pet Product
Dog Shampoo Pet Product
Dog Shampoo Pet Product
Dog Shampoo Pet Product

How Can You Stand Out?

Consumers are shopping smarter for themselves and their pets, which creates more pressure on brands to make their products as convenient and transparent as possible, in addition to the basic requirements of attractive, safe, and functional. Associated can offering the following to ensure your product and packaging remains competitive in the fast-changing market:

  • High-definition print capabilities
  • Over 1700 die shapes for labels (we truly have something for everyone!)
  • High barrier films to protect products from oxygen and moisture, and extend shelf life
  • Sustainable materials available (post-consumer waste, compostable, etc.) and recyclable films
  • QR codes and/or bar codes (can be used for smart/connected packaging and security)
  • Child-resistant zippers and easy-open resealable zippers
  • Easy-tear notches and hang holes
  • Insert clear windows into pouches to make the product visible

These are just a few examples of what we can do for your brand. Between our cutting-edge equipment and range of capabilities, we can offer you the flexibility you need and the packaging solution you envisage.

Pet Food

Convenience Is Key

The pet food industry is no exception to the growing consumer demand for convenience. Pet owners are looking more toward online delivery systems for their pet food purchases. Ask us about what you can do to make sure your packaging is e-commerce ready!

Get Connected

Consumers want to know that their pet’s food ingredients are high in quality and are sourced ethically. Connected packaging offers quick access to this information, while creating an opportunity for brands to offer even more value with extra resources surrounding pet food.