Soft Drink Label Design Trends for Summer 2022

Jul. 19, 2022
 Soft Drink Label Design

Soft drinks have been consistently reinventing themselves for more than a century. With new alternatives in the market, there is no stopping the growth of the soft drink industry today. In 2022, soft-drink companies want to showcase their brand on a visual level. 

It’s Summer, crack open an ice-cold bottle of soda, and take in some of the soft drink label design trends for 2022:

Glossy Labels

Glossy labels are more likely to draw a consumer’s attention with a shine that can stand out amongst other designs in a unique way. This may be the case because people frequently associate the gloss and shine with bodies of water, especially on beach days during the Summer! Glossy labels are consistently a popular design trend that is the go-to for many soft drink companies.

Clear-Messaging Labels

Manufacturers of soft drinks and fruit juices have come under fire in recent years for downplaying the amount of sugar and additives in their products. Additionally, during Covid-19 people became more conscious of their eating patterns and general health, making more informatively clear labels a perfect fit. Beverage producers should make sure their ingredient lists are also comprehensive, and explicitly identify any health advantages and benefits.

Maximalist Labels

The opposite of minimalism! An in-your-face sensory overload has started to gain in popularity in 2022. Consumers are looking for more excitement, bold colors, strong borders, and vibrant layers. Adding this chaotic style to your soft-drink label can truly add that attitude to your design.


Why do people feel that soft drinks taste better from a glass bottle? Turns out there is a scientific answer for this: Polymers from aluminum cans and plastic bottles can change the overall taste of the beverage! Glass is also easily recyclable, which is a great option for customers who value sustainability in their daily lives.  

Textured Labels 

Textured finishes are making a comeback. Consumers are attracted to this sensory approach to labeling, where one can have a feel of their product.  The textures add another dimension to soft drinks, perfect for grabbing the consumer’s attention on another sensory level!

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