Child-resistant pouch with Elplast Child Safe Zipper

Aug. 23, 2022
elplast certification

We are excited to announce that we have received child-resistant pouch certification with Elplast!
Elplast Group has developed a Child Resistant zipper to address an important issue: One of the leading causes of poisoning in young children has been easy access to medications and various household chemicals. With this Zipper, it poses a balance of being challenging to children, and easy for adults to access.
The UKasiewicz Research Network, an integrated market participant that offers appealing, comprehensive, and competitive business solutions in automation, chemistry, biomedicine, ICT, materials, and advanced manufacturing, tested ELPLAST's child-resistant zipper. According to E. Alejników, "We selected The Ukasiewicz Research Network based on their test quality, dependability, and experience, guaranteeing that the survey would be conducted in accordance with the appropriate standards and norms. “