2022 Craft Beer Label Design Trends

Jul. 4, 2022
2022 Craft Beer Label Design Trends

Its Summer, patios are full, and it is the perfect season for up-and-coming craft beer brands to shine with their brand visuals! Before creating the ideal craft beer label design, it is important to learn as much as possible about your brand in the craft beer industry, 

Here are some Summer 2022 craft beer label design trends!



Despite the perception that this increased rivalry is a barrier, craft breweries have begun to leverage branding and advertising to appeal to regional tastes. Local brewers have a distinct advantage when it comes to quality and accessibility, and product quality continues to be a key selling point. What makes the craft beer region-specific? Are there any region-specific ingredients in your craft beer? 


Expect to see more label art designs in 2022 that completely omit pictures, imagery, and patterns in favor of focusing on typography. Although this fashion is undoubtedly more subtle than most, its simplicity is its greatest asset. Typography may be just as useful as graphics in conveying the individuality of your beer brand.

The late 90s - 2000s Aesthetics

The Y2K look, while being just two decades old, appears to be resurfacing in popular culture, and the beer business is no exception. As brewers respond to this expanding demand, expect to see an increasing number of beer labels with the iconic, and metallic look.

Faux 3D Deco

Another design trend we're anticipating in 2022 is faux 3D deco. You could deceive the brain into believing the graphics on your beer label have more depth than they do by utilizing clever design to reproduce the same visuals. 
Whether it's utilizing a mix of light, gradients, and shadow to give the illusion of depth in flat drawings, embracing realism, or adding physical qualities, these optical illusions will have designs bursting off the label.

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