Our Latest Sustainability Award

Sep. 22, 2021
sustainability award

We're so proud to share that we received the 2021 Silver Flexible Packaging Achievement Award for Sustainability!

We've been working with Elk Packaging and Numi Tea to create a plant-based sachet for Numi’s individually wrapped tea. This packaging solution incorporates renewable, bio-based plastic, including EarthFirst® PLA sealant film, instead of fossil fuel-based plastic. Every layer of this packaging is plant-based!

At Associated, our role is to contribute towards a sustainable packaging systems evolution. We wish to support customers at all stages of their transformation journey to environmental sustainability. Whether starting with stepping stones in design, developing new sustainable products for a circular economy, advocating for waste systems legislation, or regenerating the communities and ecosystems that our packaging impacts.

If you're interested in learning more about how we can support you in your sustainable packaging journey, reach out to our team of experts here or request a quote online.