Current Trends in the Produce Industry

Sep. 13, 2021
produce trends

The pandemic has affected the food and beverage industry significantly, especially when it comes to produce. Almost 50% of consumers expect to spend more on fresh produce in the next year than usual and prefer to purchase local fresh produce versus imported produce. Further, two-thirds of consumers are willing to pay up to 10% more for local, fresh produce compared to imported produce.

In addition to the pandemic changing consumer eating and buying habits, here are some other trends affecting the produce industry:

New Delivery System

Although delivery systems like Instacart and Amazon Fresh have been delivering groceries for years now, restaurant and fast-food delivery apps like Uber Eats and Door Dash have also started to offer grocery deliveries. The last year has heightened the need for convenience for many consumers, and being able to order groceries through an app on the phone and have them delivered straight to your door offers value and convenience for many.

Internet Trends

In the last year and a half, so many of us have consumed more digital content than ever. Viral food recipes swept social media, starting with banana bread at the beginning of the pandemic and moving through to the more recent “pasta chip” trend. Social media played a huge role in pushing consumers to branch out to different ingredients to participate in these recipe trends or even get inspiration from the fast-growing food communities on TikTok and Instagram.


At the beginning of the pandemic and intermittently throughout, consumers saw food shortages and delays at grocery stores across the globe. This spurred many consumers to decide to grow what they could on their own, from herb plants like basil and mint to planters with onions, kale, and potatoes.

Even at Associated, we felt it was an excellent opportunity to collaborate with West Coast Seeds and set up planters for our employees to have access to fresh produce whenever they needed it. Find out more about our onsite planters here.


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