Are You Maximizing Your Packaging?

Jul. 28, 2021
maximizing packaging

Packaging can do a lot for your brand and product and can even be the deciding factor when a customer is choosing between your product and a competitor’s.

But are you making the most of the value that packaging can offer?


Brand Representation

Packaging is a vehicle to introduce new customers to your product and brand, whether online or on store shelves. Imagine a potential customer coming across your product for the first time. The first thing they notice is likely your packaging and, according to recent studies, you have about eight seconds to make an impactful first impression.

Between design, material choices, and packaging structures, packaging can effectively communicate your brand story and grab a potential customer’s attention. It’s also essential to understand current trends and designs in your product category so that you can choose your design carefully, whether you choose to capitalize on current trends or go a different direction.


Elevate Your Product

In addition to utilizing packaging design to make your product feel higher-end and more luxurious, there are many other ways to elevate your product through packaging. 

One way is through functionality. For example, using sachets, stick packs, or even pouches to separate your product into portion sizes offers convenience to your customer, and add-ons like easy-tear and resealable closures can add to this. Convenience and portability are valued in products more than ever and can be the deciding factor when a consumer is choosing between your product and a competitor’s.

Another way to elevate your product is through technology. An example of this could be adapting barrier properties to protect your product from light, moisture, and oxygen, which would extend your product’s shelf life and be beneficial for both retailers and consumers. Packaging technology can also refer to QR codes and other forms of interactive packaging designed to elevate your customer’s experience with your product and build a connection with your brand.


Protect Your Product

With the rise of e-commerce, it’s essential to reassess your packaging and ensure that it can properly protect your product as it reaches the additional touchpoints before it’s delivered to your customer’s door. This could mean adding extra material layers or altering the packaging structure, but also adding a tamper-evident quality so that your customer can feel assured that their product arrived without interference. Tamper-evident seals and labels, shrink sleeves, child-resistant zippers, and tear notches are all ways to indicate an unopened item.

In addition to physically protecting your product, integrating traceability software can be extremely valuable in reducing any risk of contamination and increasing supply chain visibility.


Ultimately, packaging can act as an impactful tool to sway purchase decisions when used properly. There are so many customizations and add-ons available when creating your packaging: the opportunities are endless.

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