Our Latest Sustainable Change

Aug. 5, 2020

As we've spoken about before, Associated is committed to embracing sustainable solutions wherever possible, whether through our packaging offerings or in day-to-day operations at our facility.

Recently, while attending our city's Sustainable and Environmental Advisory Committee, we heard of issues regarding the use of rodenticides. Some municipalities, such as the district of North Vancouver, have already banned rodenticides at all public locations.

Rodenticides typically cause rodents to suffer for long periods of time before they die, which has a knock-on effect since poisoned rodents move much slower and are often targets of hawks, owls, and coyotes. These predators then often become ill or die themselves. Rodenticide traps also do not discriminate between rodents, and native species can become targets as well.

Since part of our facility is located next to a greenbelt, this issue applies directly to us. Over the years, we've used rodenticides to ensure that our buildings are free from rodents, but after attending the meeting, we wanted to make a change. Starting the first week of August, Associated will no longer be using rodenticides. Instead, we will be using snap traps (placed inside the existing traps), which we will frequently be checking. Of course, ideally, there would be no need to harm any rodents. However, offering a food-safe facility certified by IFS PACsecure is a top priority to keeping our customer's packaging safe!