Navigating the Pandemic

Sep. 9, 2020
packaging in pandemic

Over the last few months, some of our blog posts have focused on the impact of the current pandemic on several industries through the lens of printing and packaging. Although some effects vary based on industry, there are some key takeaways relevant to any companies dealing with consumer goods:

Adapt to E-Commerce 

With so many stores now offering delivery or curbside pickup, many consumers are opting to make purchases online rather than in-store. For brands who aren't already set up for e-commerce, this may present a few challenges when it comes to how protective your packaging is and ensuring that your packaging can stand out in pictures. Check out our recent post about differentiating your packaging here for more information on how to combat this.

Be Transparent

It's a general rule of thumb to be transparent with your customers about your products, company, and so on. However, with so much information at their fingertips, consumers have more access to your brand than ever. Being transparent in your sourcing and/or supply chain, ingredients and/or materials, and company practices at a time like this are imperative in building or strengthening trust with your customers. 

Safety First

Being safe right now really means being hygienic and being able to protect your product from contamination until it gets to your customer. A measure that could help this is traceability software, which can be integrated into film. This software can track and record all information about the production of a product, the time and date the product was packaged, and all the production process steps. With this information, you can rectify any issues such as contamination or quality by tracing the issue back to one of the monitored steps.

Another way to offer a safety guarantee to your customers is to adapt your packaging to be tamper-proof. Consumers need to feel reassured that their product is packaged in a way that will remain protected and safe from contamination before it gets to them. With functions such as tear notches, tamper-evident shrink seals or labels, and child-resistant zippers, you can offer this guarantee to your customers.

Focus on Value

Including something extra with your product, whether it's a sample or a discount, provides additional value to your customer and contributes towards a positive buying experience. Given the current circumstances, added value has never been more appreciated, and a little can go a long way here.


This post only scratches the surface of how you can adapt to minimize the negative impact of the current pandemic. At Associated, we deal with a range of industries, from chemical and industrial to beauty and health care, and we’re well-equipped to help you navigate through this complex time. As always, you can connect with our packaging experts through our online contact form or by requesting a quote here