Lidding Film: Terminology Guide

Feb. 3, 2020
lidding film

On to the next terminology guide: lidding film! In the last few years, lidding film has seen tons of growth and innovation with new technologies, materials, and techniques. 

Here's our list of essential terms for lidding film:

  • Macro Perforation:  A series of holes added to a film structure. This allows the contained product to breathe, extends shelf life, and can withstand more handling than micro perforation.
  • Micro Perforation: A single or series of extremely small holes added to a film structure. This allows the contained product to breathe and, in the case of food products, can extend shelf life.
  • Peel and Reseal: A lidding film system that allows a package to be peeled back to reveal a product, and then resealed to preserve the product for use at a later time.
  • Easy Peel: Film manufactured to peel easily to reveal a product. Typically used for single-serve or one-time use applications. 
  • Film Layout: This document shows the printer exactly how to set up the size, eye marks and orientation of a lidding film project, based on the lidding film application equipment. Usually supplied directly from the application equipment supplier. 
  • Roll Direction: Refers to the way your labels are oriented as you unwind your roll of labels or film. Also known as Unwind Direction. 

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