Getting Your Packaging Ready for the Holidays

Sep. 14, 2020
holiday packaging

Summer is starting to wrap up, and before we know it, the holiday season will be in full swing. With Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas around the corner, many brands are getting their holiday-themed packaging designs ready for production.

But why create a holiday-themed design in the first place?

Create a Feeling

Perhaps the most obvious reason is to evoke a feeling of nostalgia and joy with your packaging. Using familiar patterns or colours can remind consumers of warm memories and creates an emotional bond between them and your product.

Energize Your Image

Changing up your packaging gives your brand a little refresh, even if it is temporary. Holiday or limited-edition packaging presents an opportunity to have fun with your packaging without altering your brand image and confusing consumers.

Product Opportunities

Holidays also open up the possibilities for limited edition products that may not be popular year-round but are perfect for Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas. Whether it be peppermint-flavoured beverages or fall-themed tissue boxes, there are tons of opportunities to create a themed, limited-edition product for most industries. 

If creating holiday packaging is right for your brand, here are some ideas on adapting your packaging design:

Seasonal Patterns + Colours

Variable Data Printing is the perfect tool for integrating seasonal patterns and colours into your packaging! Using red and green for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween, or reds, oranges, and browns for Thanksgiving, are clear ways to theme packaging for the holiday season. Starting with a seed pattern, you can create unique designs using festive colours or fall patterns to take your seasonal packaging to the next level. The possibilities are endless!

Specialized Fonts

Using spooky-themed fonts for Halloween or cursive for Christmas can be a clear indicator of themed packaging.

Luxurious Designs

This may be more specific to Christmas, but using metallics like gold and silver and special finishes like embossing add a luxurious feel to your packaging. Even further, creating a frosted effect on your label or flexible packaging can give a wintry feel.

Themed Shapes

Similar to using patterns, creating a holiday shape die cut is another way to inject a holiday theme into your packaging!

Don't forget to include a holiday hashtag or your social handles to increase the likelihood of your packaging being shared online!


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