What Are We Doing To Help Our Environment?

Jul. 17, 2019
associated labels and packaging

We talk a lot about environmental sustainability, and how it's important. However, what are we actually doing at AssociatedLP to help decrease further degradation?

In Our Facility

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We're always looking to insert environmentally conscious decision making into our long-term planning such as:

  • An in-house solvent ink recycling system. We acquired this machine last year to recover solvent which can be reused in our printing process. Find out more about this in an upcoming blog post!
  • Purchased a more expensive Laser anilox cleaning system which negates the use of chemicals used in conventional systems
  • Offering FSC COC label stocks, recyclable and compostable options for flexible packaging
  • Conducted a company-wide waste audit to create a baseline to measure KPI's against to reduce our waste, or stop it altogether
  • Investing in more digital technology with our new HP 20000 press which means no rubber plates and shorter setup waste print jobs



In Our Office

Image removed.We're big believers that every little bit helps in creating an environmentally conscious company culture by:

  • Created a sustainable packaging team to stay on top of trends and develop industry-first packaging such as our compostable lidding film attached to a fiber punnet/tray
  • Installing high-efficiency hand dryers in high use areas and bathrooms, as an alternative to paper towels
  • Banned individual garbage bins, and installed centralized mixed paper, mixed plastic, and compostable bins instead
  • Setting up a bee habitat on-site! We wanted to increase awareness about the importance of pollinator plants and issues with habitat loss for bees locally. Find out more about our beehives in our recent blog post here.


Everything big starts small. We hope that with these little changes we can work toward reducing our ecological footprint!