Associated is a full-service packaging manufacturer with both digital and flexographic printing capabilities. In addition to creating labels and flexible packaging, we have an onsite equipment division that creates custom machinery and software. Labels
In the food industry, and especially in produce, lidding film (or top seal) has become a primary flexible packaging choice. Not only does it provide extra benefits for customers, but it creates opportunities for brands to elevate their product as well. So, what are the benefits of lidding film? Convenience
The term "interactive packaging" has come up more and more frequently over the past few years, along with "active packaging," "intelligent packaging," or "smart packaging," but what do any of these terms mean? Interactive Packaging
In celebration of the Natural Products Expo West show coming up next week, we've got food on the brain! There are always so many changing trends and innovations in the food industry, especially in natural food, and we wanted to highlight some of the biggest ones right now: