Jam Label Design Trends of 2022

Oct. 13, 2022
Jam Label Design Trends

It is Fall 2022, and it's harvest season! The perfect time to start prepping those jars of jam for when the cooler months ahead. Jam makes mornings happy and cheerful!

Here are some jam label design trends that are grabbing the attention of customers today: 


This minimal approach usually highlights the brand name subtly on the face of the jar; however, the focus is mainly on what is inside. The product inside would be visible behind the clear label material.  What you see is what you get!

Transparent Jam Label

Lid Labels
This approach of design focuses on having the jar be free of any design, except for its lid. With the focus being on what is on the inside, while the branding is placed on the jam lid itself. 

jam jar label design lid


The Home-Made Jar Label
The homemade approach to jar label designs allows for a more personal, almost “imperfect” way of labeling. This aesthetic is about the “homey” feel, with an individualistic touch on the design. 

Home Made Jam Label

Creative Jam Jar Labels
An abstract or artistic approach to jam labels can showcase the value of fresh, delectable fruits with the right combination of vibrant colours. These colors and shapes can amplify the details of the fruit contained in the jar. With peel-back labels, you can fit extra content on your product for anything from additional translations to regulatory content with ease. This can include recipe ideas, fun facts, or a place to display other brand products.

creative jam labels

Earth-Tone Labels
A more organic approach to jam designs can highlight a healthier option for jams. Brown, earth tones can show the fresh ingredients to be organic, with fewer sugars and preservatives.

Jam Jar Tag Label

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