Customer Spotlight: Bosa Foods

Sep. 15, 2021
Bosa Foods

Our next customer spotlight is on Bosa Foods, a local company that specializes in imported Italian cuisine. Bosa Foods has been a valued customer for over eight years, and we love printing labels and pouches for a range of their incredible products. Bosa Foods

1) Tell me a little about Bosa Foods and what you stand for.

Since 1957 Bosa Foods has been a leading importer, distributor and brand owner of specialty Italian and Mediterranean food products.

When our company was founded, its mission was to provide the newly arrived Italian immigrants with the staple foods essential to Italian culture. Over the years, Vancouverites from all backgrounds and neighbourhoods have discovered Bosa Foods and our product selection. To offer our customers the products they want, we are constantly growing and expanding our product offering. We now source over 7,500 products from all over the world and proudly supply the foodservice and retail markets of Western Canada. This growing selection of specialty foods includes products from South America, Australia, and several new European and Mediterranean countries.

As a result of decades of experience as a dedicated importer, we fully manage the importing and distribution process, holding true to our commitment to provide the best quality products and competitive pricing to our customers.

2) What are you most proud of as a company?

Thanks to our global reach, we are proud to offer cheese from around the globe. We also have a large selection of dried, fresh, and frozen pasta for both foodservice and retail.

When it comes to our community, we do our best to support the Vancouver community by making donations to food banks and local charities.

3) How has Bosa Foods managed through the pandemic?

The pandemic has certainly forced consumers to eat at home more than they traditionally have and even renewed many consumers’ interests in home cooking. Italian cuisine has generally appealed to a broad consumer, and Italian foods offer an endless selection of healthy cooking options and high food quality. In addition, for many, new shopping and home dining patterns have changed. These changes will likely evolve into more home entertaining and dining post-pandemic, and Italian foods certainly will be a desirable category for this.

Bosa FoodsThe pandemic taught us the fragility of our very special working ecosystem and culture, and our focus is on ensuring a safe, stable, and productive environment. As a result, customers can safely shop our huge variety of food products in-store. Our shelves are fully stocked, and our delis at both stores offer a delicious selection of takeout sandwiches and meals. At Bosa Foods, we’re committed to providing a safe shopping environment for customers and staff alike.

4) How would you describe your relationship with ALP?

We've been working with ALP for eight years. Our relationship has grown from printing a few simple in-store labels to printing many of our private labels, including our Cut & Wrap cheese program. Noteworthy is the line of packaging printed for our Bonta and Anna’s Country Kitchen Bean lines.

Congratulations to Michael Nishikihama and the Associated Labels & Packaging team for your professionalism and great customer service!

5) What are you currently working on, and what are you excited about in the next few years?

We are constantly growing, with many opportunities for employees in our coffee shop, deli, meat department, cashiers, warehouse division, office, sales, and so on.

Bosa Foods is also going plastic-free on January 1, 2022. We have designed and produced a variety of recyclable bags to suit the needs of our customers.