Why Choose Extended Content Labels?

Jun. 10, 2020
extended content labels

No matter the size of your product, creating a label that needs to include a wealth of information can look overwhelming and messy. In a world where visuals are so important, extended content labels can be the solution you're looking for to deliver the packaging you envision without compromising its appearance. Further, there are so many more benefits of choosing this style of label for your packaging solution:


Brand Connection

With more space comes more opportunity to add value to your packaging. Extended content labels can be used as a marketing tool to build a stronger connection to customers through helpful tips, recipes (for brands in the food industry), brand information and even coupons. Going one step further, brands can utilize the extra space to make way for a QR code or some other form of interactive packaging to take customer experience to the next level. For more information on interactive packaging and what it can do for your company, see our blog post here!


Extended content labels offer double the real estate at a fraction of the cost of any alternative, such as increasing the size of the packaging or adding additional labels.

Minimize Waste

By utilizing the extra space provided by an extended content label, brand owners don't have to create extra inserts or pamphlets to communicate mandatory information to their customers. Even in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries when products are on the smaller side, there is no need to increase the size of the packaging container to facilitate the amount of information that needs to be on the product.


This post shares a small insight into what extended content labels can offer for companies across different industries. To find out more, reach out to one of our label experts through our online contact form or by requesting a quote here