What Can Finishes Do For Your Packaging?

Sep. 2, 2020
packaging finishes

Selecting one or multiple finishes for your packaging can be just as important as choosing the packaging material itself. Whatever you're creating, whether a label, pouch, or a sachet, selecting a particular topcoat (coating) or finish can add texture, definition and take your design to the next level.


What finishes do we offer at Associated?


Debossing & Embossing

These are popular finishes for wine and beauty labels! Debossing is when we impress a label printing surface with dies to produce a recessed relief image, and embossing produces a raised relief image using a similar technique.

Foil Stamping

We apply thin-gauge aluminum foil with heat and pressure to permanently bond to a paper-based substrate (label). This specialty finish can be used for lettering, patterns, and borders!

Laser Scoring

By running our Packmaster laser machines with 0.01mm spacing between pulses, the result is what looks like a solid line. However, this scores a line on one of the several material substrates, which creates a straight tear when pulled open. This added finish creates easy-open packaging while maintaining barrier properties.

Micro-perforation / Macro-perforation

Our laser machines can also punch holes into your film to help extend your product's shelf life by adding breathability to your packaging.


Our topcoats can be applied to flexible packaging film to enhance the anchorage of ink and create a different finish. We offer a range of topcoats, including tactile, soft-touch finish, gloss UV finish, glow in the dark finish, matte UV finish, and many more!


Interested in learning about what finishes we offer and how they can transform your packaging? Reach out to one of our experts via our online contact form or request a quote today.