Humanization of Pet Food

Jun. 24, 2020
pet food

Over the last few years, many industries have seen significant changes when it comes to consumer values and demands. Brands are expected to be transparent in what they sell and what they stand for and, with the help of social media, it's easy to be held accountable when there are inconsistencies. 

This movement has become true for the pet food industry, where humanization has led to more focus on customization, ingredient transparency, and ethical sourcing. Pet owners are starting to hold their pet food purchases to the same standard as they would do their own food, opting for natural ingredients and clean labelling. However, this can create a dilemma for nearly 65% of consumers who are looking to be more sustainable and have a positive impact on the environment through everyday actions. Where pet food was typically made from by-products to reduce waste, clean labelling and pet food humanization pushes for the use of human-grade meat.

This is where packaging brands come into the picture. By offering sustainable packaging options such as labels made from post-consumer waste or recyclable pouches, consumers can feel confident about their pet food purchase without having to compromise their values.

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