Equipment Spotlight: Packmaster CW Laser

Sep. 11, 2019
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It's official... we hit 100,000 square feet across all of our facilities!

We acquired our recent building at the beginning of the year, getting everything assembled and ready for production just a few months after, and we achieved our first full week of production at the beginning of July! Since then, it's been chaotic in the best way, with the laser machines expanding our flexographic capabilities!

Our two SEI Laser systems came over all the way from Bergamo, Italy, with help from our friends at Matik.

With the implementation of our new Packmaster Cross Web and our Packmaster Web Direction, our capabilities have expanded significantly. Having installed the Packmasters on our Deacro Slitter Rewinders, as opposed to our laminators, allows us to achieve better precision and efficiency with several services, including the following:

  • Laser scoring (can achieve any custom shape)
  • Macro-perforation (round and dashed)
  • Micro-perforation (round and dashed)

Here's a little preview of the Packmaster CW Laser in action

These lasers open up so many opportunities for customization and increased functionality for flexible packaging. Want to learn more about what these machines can do for your company? Contact us or request a quote to find out!