Shrink Wrap Beer Cans

Jan. 20, 2015

Beer me! Digital label printing offers enormous potential for all brands. It’s not just technology designed for the brand giants. In fact, right now, innovation in digital print is offering a wealth of opportunity for the smaller, challenger brands.

Bonfire Brewing Co., for example, uses digital print to create specialized designs and frequently update their shrink wrap beer cans. Instead of printing runs in mass, they can use digital print to shrink-wrap blank cans as they go, altering the design with the season and the brew. Andy Jessen, co-founder and manager says, "It’s much easier to introduce a new beer when you’re labeling your own cans.”

The benefits of digital label printing for brands is obvious, Jessen continues, “If you’re in preprinted cans, you may find yourself pretty much hemmed into the same one or two beers year round because of the minimum order requirements on cans. We don’t face that limitation. In fact, we have six different beers in stores right now.”

Digitally printing shrink sleeves can help reduce production time, material waste, can offer similar or comparable quality to more traditional print methods and, in smaller runs, can be quite cost effective. “We can change graphics at the drop of a hat,” says Jessen. “It lets us do small gatherings like charity events or weddings, and again we don’t have to worry about minimum orders.”

Digital printing labels also gives brands the power to try new things, innovate and take more risks, changing the mindset from large scale print runs to shorter, more frequent runs which allows for more special, nimble packs on shelf. Jessen also is a big fan of the print quality he sees from the digital press. “We hear all the time that our can looks better than those that have direct print,” says Jessen. “Our colours really pop.”