Mr. President, May We Present King Kong

Jul. 29, 2015

Being Canadian, in our willingness not to offend anybody, we have measured King Kong, professionally referred to as the Windmoeller & Hoelscher 52” MIRAFLEX AM 10 Colour Flexographic Printing Press, in metric and imperial.

God saved the Queen, so in fairness to Her Majesty, Canada measures milk, deli meat and driving distances using the metric system. God blessed America, so out of respect to our American brother and sister friends, Canadians buy fruit, construction supplies and measure body height and weight using the imperial system.

And purely for the sake of confusing children born into the age of the internet, Canadians measure weather temperature in Celsius but cook a turkey using Fahrenheit. For your measuring pleasure, we have measured King Kong using both the metric and imperial systems:

Metric: 4 Queen Elizabeths
Imperial: 3 President Obamas

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