Associated Labels Flexes with Comco

Oct. 27, 2009

Associated Labels continues to experience growth, while setting new standards for film and flexible package printing with its Comco ProGlide FLX and dedicated Flexible Packaging Division.

As the film and flexible packaging market segments continue to expand and evolve, Associated Labels responds by offering unprecedented printing technologies that have set a new standard of in-line flexo/grauvre print quality.

Rusty Ashworth, President of Associated Labels, explains that the company is committed to, "delivering innovative decorating and packaging solutions that fit our customers and their products perfectly." Ashworth adds, "We're addressing trends within the packaging market, which calls for stand out packaging in a variety of unique shapes and sizes."

One of the key advantages of flexible packaging is the many different formats it can come in such as stand-up pouches, horizontal and vertical form fillers, inline wrappers, and bags. Associated Labels is offering manufacturers versatility while incorporating the company's advanced printing technology with an uncompromising commitment to quality and service.

The company's high quality standards are met with the incorporation of flexographic and gravure printing technologies. Press operator, Jamie Barker notes, "Our Comco press allows us to achieve stronger whites, rich color density, and an unprecedented print quality."

Associated Labels' 26" Comco Press, equipped with 11 color flexo/gravure laminating stations, marks an extraordinary progression for the company's in-line printing technology. Packaging sales professional Dennis Bradford states, "The print quality alone will help our customers achieve a strong brand presence with an eye-catching packaging solution."

As Ashworth explains, eye catching print quality is one of the many appeals of flexible packaging for his customers. "Many of our customers are discovering just how functional, affordable, and innovative flexible packaging can be." This appeal goes further into the consumer markets where trends such as environmental impact and convenience are deal breakers that flexible packaging can answer to.

Flexible packaging can reduce packaging costs and environmental impact simply by eliminating multi-layer packaging. In addition to this reduction, the flexible packaging format has storage, production, performance, and distribution advantages over rigid packaging mediums and has a direct impact on consumer waste.

With an increase demand for convenience from an active and mobile modern consumer, flexible packaging continues to offer solutions for manufacturers in the form of single serving pouches and other innovative flexible formats that are taking convenience packaging to a whole new level. When it comes to innovative labeling and packaging solutions, Associated Labels has got you covered.