HD Flexo Plates

HD Flexo Printing: a new quality standard for your packaging

Just think of what HD (High Definition) did for your television – higher resolution, finer dots, sharper images and overall better quality. Now imagine what HD technology could do for your label printing and flexible packaging. All the same!

Associated Labels and Packaging introduces HD Flexo Printing Plate technology; expect HD results such as higher resolution, intense colours, increased print definition, sharp details with high contrast and better ink transfer for all your label printing and flexible packaging.

Here’s a quick rundown of how HD Flexo Printing works as well as how this new label printing technology can dramatically improve the overall quality for your labels and flexible packaging.

How does it work?

HD Flexo combines 4000 dpi HD optics with unique label printing screening technologies to achieve sharper and more accurate imaging. The result is excellent label printing quality and a simplified plate production because the high-resolution optics deliver sharper imaging of text and lines and more clearly defined, better shaped screen dots for all your label printing and flexible packaging. HD Flexo also allows for fine gradations that fade to zero, while the increased colour gradation results in a wider colour gamut to appear on your labels and flexible packaging products.

High resolution imaging on the CDI creates a textured surface on the plate, improving ink lay-down and increasing ink density on the final print. The result is improved image richness and contrast. This is especially helpful for Pantone colours, and for white underprints.

What are the benefits?

With HD Flexo you will get better print quality and an extended colour gamut.

HD Flexo delivers exceptional label printing throughout the entire tonal range; dazzling highlights, stable midtones, smooth gradients and solids, along with higher solid ink densities.

With HD Flexo, the screen rulings in flexo label printing can be increased, while at the same time reducing the size of the smallest printable dot. This is achieved using a special screening technology and the higher imaging resolution, resulting in sharper images, smoother tints and a greater color gamut for your labels and flexible packaging products.

A sustainable choice

Printing flexible packaging on a flexo press instead of gravure reduces energy use and CO2 emissions by as much as 50%. Both Associated Labels and Packaging and your brand can improve sustainability by taking advantage of the higher quality offered by HD Flexo when printing flexible packaging.

Move jobs from gravure to flexo

The quality of offset and gravure label printing has always been somewhat of a Holy Grail for flexo. But, with HD Flexo, the gap is closed. Bringing consistency, vibrant colors and increased label printing quality, HD Flexo raises the industry standard in flexo label printing and flexible packaging standards are exceeded.

Flexo label printing and flexible packaging printing can now compete with offset for quality label printing and with gravure printing for flexible packaging. HD Flexo is perfect for customers who want the quality of gravure without the associated costs. In addition, digital plate exposure ensures greater consistency in plate production and in label printing.