Compostable Stand-Up Pouches

Compostable Stand-Up Pouches

January 30, 2015


As the trend for all natural food continues, the food produce market has started to reflect the same messages though its packaging.

Flexible Packaging and Stand-up Pouch manufactring has taken an innovative turn to mirror the change in consumer lifestyle. Conventional and rigid packaging has been replaced by more intricate designs that combine fresh and greener credentials. Brand specialists predict, “Natural packaging is becoming more and more popular as consumers want to know the origins of their produce.”

“To meet this demand, food brands are rolling out packaging that communicates simplicity, purity, and natural origins. Beautifully photographed, fresh-looking ingredients are gracing packages on nearly every grocery shelf.” Add earth friendly flexible packaging to the equation and you take your consumer’s experience with your brand to the next level. Natural packaging, such as the innovative 100% backyard compostable pouch, can be used to reinforce integrity and trust in a brand.

The natural and subtle touch of 100% backyard compostable food pouches gives producers an opportunity to move to a sustainable and influential environmentally friendly stand-up pouch. “Bio-resins, plant-based packaging, and dual packaging reduces waste and resonates with the environmentally conscious consumer. With food packaging being a major attraction in supermarkets, the need to stand out is more critical than ever.”

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