Symbolism Speaks to the Beers Aging Potential, Unearth Your Label Design

Symbolism Speaks to the Beers Aging Potential, Unearth Your Label Design

December 28, 2015


“In a dark and secret place, away from prying eyes and thirsty cellar hands, this dense, warming beer will mellow and become sherry-like with age. Unearth early for a more hop-forward experience. Others may be laid to rest – this one was born to wait.”

We’re quite a fan of the label work Hired Guns Creative does for Driftwood Brewing Company, and it’s certainly not the first time they have been featured for their label design. The latest from Driftwood is a barleywine with a stunning pressure sensitive label to match. Against a frosted amber bottle, the eerie illustration and dripping wax communicate the time and dedication put into aging each bottle of Old Cellar Dweller.

“For Driftwood Brewery’s Old Cellar Dweller barleywine, our task was to design a pressure sensitive label that showcases the strong character of the beer, while speaking to its aging potential. To these ends, we chose to illustrate our take on a grinning skull, favoring a bold, graphic approach. The dieline protrudes with ribs, teeth, and the long outjutting arm bones that create an excess of negative space, at once playful and decadent. Wax dip and gold foil lend the final touches and the spark of life to our skeleton in wait.”

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Can You Create an Authentic Brand Around a Reality TV Star?

February 6, 2015

Moonshine_LabelsCan you create an authentic brand around a reality TV star?

That’s the very question New York based Beardwood&Co, brand and innovation firm, asked themselves when creating the branding strategy around the development of Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine.

The Challenge: Real life moonshiner Tim Smith became notorious on the Discovery Channel program Moonshiners, flaunting his illicit craft passed down through generations of his family in Climax, Virginia. He asked Beardwood&Co to develop the brand for Climax Moonshine, a legal version of his famous crystal clear spirits.

The Solution:  Make sure that the brand represented Tim and his recipe in an authentic way, capturing three generations of moonshine-making experience in every bottle. They also realized that the shelf is crowded and needed to ensure that the packaging would be noticeable among the competition and draw the customer in from several feet away.

The Packaging: The natural kraft paper label, applied slightly askew, captures the authentic, handcrafted process of moonshining, while the typography references historical “wanted” posters. As a final certification that the batch meets Tim’s demanding standards, each cork features the Tim Smith Climax Moonshine (TSCM) monogram. This custom die cut label would be printed on our HP digital label printing presses.

The Label: To highlight the exceptional clarity of the high quality spirit, Beardwood&Co worked with Steven Noble to develop custom illustrations for the inside of each digital label printing that reveal different scenes from Tim’s home in Climax, Virginia. Each panorama incorporates Camo, of course, showing her at work with Tim and the legendary moonshining operation that made them famous.

“The packaging shows what makes my moonshine special — my history, my hometown, and my dog Camo.” Tim Smith.

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Designer Jane Koo, How Do You Doo?

January 23, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 1.24.35 PM

Oh man! Label Love is a real thing!

Let us introduce Jane Koo, a designer, illustrator, and Best Coaster (her words) aspiring to create bright and ebullient work. Jane says, “I call both Seoul and Vancouver my home, which means that I am extremely well-versed in both ends of the Pacific Ocean but also have multiple gaping holes when it comes to the ’90s Pop Culture references.”  Yada, yada, yada…

We originally met Jane when we printed labels for her civic election loving project Count Me In, Vancouver. One look at her work and label designs and our hearts exploded! We’ve commission Jane to design what we think may be the cutest Valentine’s Day stickers (better known as labels where we’re from) on earth!

In the month of February, we be packing yo boxes and invoice envelopes like romantic gangsters… if you find some Label Love you can thank Jane Koo and her adorable brain.

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