Eat Your Heart Out “How It’s Made,” KING KONG Installation Time Lapse Video

Eat Your Heart Out “How It’s Made,” KING KONG Installation Time Lapse Video

December 14, 2015


We used chains, cranes, crates, bananas, measuring tapes, tape, spray paint, plastic, trucks, gloves, more bananas, drills, saws, hammers, lifts, ladders and the like to get King Kong into her new home here at Associated Labels and Packaging.

Over the course of three days we held a skull island human sacrifice ceremony to finally calm down King Kong’s temper tantrums. She is now content and feeling right at home with all of her needs being met. She fits right in with our company culture and goes out of her way to make customers happy. For example, we have trained her to slam her hands down to make 1,000,000 impressions in just three hours! What a feat!

If you would like to come view King Kong or feed her, please contact with your requests.

[WARNING: No Gorillas were harmed in this process]




From our Blog post in June:

The Windmoeller & Hoelscher 52″ MIRAFLEX AM 10 Colour Flexographic Printing Press, has been designed for the highest quality printing of flexible packagings. Flexible packaging continues to rise while it is used in nearly all industries: dairy and cheese packaging, snack foods packaging, dried fruits and nuts packaging, coffee and tea packaging, pharmaceuticals packaging, vitamins and supplements packaging.  Transport packaging and over wraps for beverage bottles and cans or packaging of sanitary products have become more and more sophisticated too. Flexible packaging for the industrial sector such as building materials, chemical products or pet food require a high-quality print.


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