Our Printing Baby is Born

Our Printing Baby is Born

February 5, 2015


We’re off to Germany to visit our brand new baby… and this one is advanced.

Of course, every Flexible Packaging Printing parent believes their child is a genius but this is for real. May 2015, our massive 52″ baby is coming home and already packed full of new ideas and technical innovations that will have all of the other moms talking.

The Windmoeller & Hoelscher 52″ MIRAFLEX AM 10 Colour Flexographic Printing Press, has been designed for the highest quality printing of flexible packagings. Quality demands on flexible packaging continues to rise while it is used in nearly all industries: dairy/cheese, snack foods, dried fruits and nuts, coffee and tea, pharmaceuticals, vitamins and supplements.  Transport packaging and over wraps for beverage bottles and cans or packaging of sanitary products have become more and more sophisticated too. Flexible packaging for the industrial sector such as building materials, chemical products or pet food require a high-quality print. Quality printing has always been a core value at Associated Labels – so much that we’ll guarantee it.

Flexible Packaging is the future of consumer goods packaging, “US demand for converted flexible packaging is projected to increase 3.0 percent annually to $18.8 billion in 2017. Long term prospects for converted flexible packaging will be heightened by technology advances to enhance shelf life and protect the package from bacteria and other potential contaminants, with material advances in thinner multiwall bags also generating growth.

Pouches, primarily of a standup construction, will offer significant growth opportunities. Recent stand-up pouch product launches in such areas as pet food, soups and stews, sauces, baby food, snack food, fresh-cut produce, ready-to-eat meals, noncarbonated beverages, lawn and garden products, and household goods will contribute to further growth. Growth in demand for pouches is also a function of economics, as the lighter weight packages can vastly reduce both production and transport costs.”

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