KISS THE GROUND, Public Engagement and Global Soil Restoration

KISS THE GROUND, Public Engagement and Global Soil Restoration

April 28, 2017



AssociatedLP acknowledges there is no silver bullet for combating climate change or environmental sustainability. That said, every little bit helps!

Our company is a member of the OSC2 Group, (One Step Closer to an Organic Sustainable Community). During our visit to Anaheim for the Natural Products Expo West Convention in March, our team attended an OSC2 gathering. This event included the viewing of a very special clip called “The Compost Story,” put on by Kiss the Ground. This cause is very important to us, and we decided then and there to sponsor the group and help continue their awareness campaign and good work!

Soil is such an integral part of our survival, and with so many of us now living in cities than at any time in our previous history; this cause is even more significant. We so often cover up rich soil with cement, asphalt and even worse, plastic in the form of turf grass! We are such a sterile generation, and it’s time to get dirty and enjoy the origins of life! If you have no time to kick off your shoes and socks and dig your toes into nature, than at least consider composting at your home or apartment building.

Don’t like the idea of fruit flies or rotting food in your place? There is a simple solution (which I personally just discovered…) FREEZE IT! If there isn’t any facilities in your building for composting, ask for it! Or start dumping it in discreet locations in your parkade until people complain enough… hahaha

It’s time we start doing our part as individuals; AssociatedLP is doing its part, after four years of research and development,  we have created North Americas first non-gmo, organic, fully backyard compostable, stand-up pouch. For more information on how you can change your pouch or other film applications to compostable, contact us at

We can’t do this alone, but we can do this together!


Written by Jay Ashworth



Googling Sexy Kale: A 2013 Hot Mess

May 20, 2015

Google: Sexy Kale. It’s where our minds went after writing this article on Environmentally Friendly Packaging and Compostable Stand Up Pouches. Don’t search it – unless you want to fall down an internet image hole from days long forgotten.

We are so thankful that consumers are becoming more aware of where their food comes from, the impact of their food purchases and the packaging it comes in. As the food industry is widely dominated by large conglomerates, values-based brands are getting together to lead the industry on a sustainable packaging track.

Associated Labels and Packaging is proudly a member of the One Step Closer to an Organic Sustainable Community. As part of the OST2 Packaging Coalition, Associated Labels and Packaging helped test and fill a new compostable pouch prototype.

The mission of OSC2 Packaging Coalition is to remove petroleum-based plastic from your pantry. OSC2 Packaging Coalition has developed a home compostable flexible packaging option and got retailers on board to launch the innovation in store.

One of the key initiatives of OSC2 Packaging Coalition is to secure a functional and sustainable option for heat sealable flexible packaging overwrap and stand up pouch applications. This is an Achilles heel in the industry, since many of the most sustainably minded companies in the world do not have an environmentally friendly, non-GMO option when it comes to flexible packages.

Associated Labels and Packaging has developed a compostable packaging solution that was presented at the OSC2 Packaging Coalition Meeting at Expo West in 2014: North America’s first 100% Backyard Compostable Stand-Up Pouch.

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