Designer Jane Koo, How Do You Doo?

Designer Jane Koo, How Do You Doo?

January 23, 2015

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Oh man! Label Love is a real thing!

Let us introduce Jane Koo, a designer, illustrator, and Best Coaster (her words) aspiring to create bright and ebullient work. Jane says, “I call both Seoul and Vancouver my home, which means that I am extremely well-versed in both ends of the Pacific Ocean but also have multiple gaping holes when it comes to the ’90s Pop Culture references.”  Yada, yada, yada…

We originally met Jane when we printed labels for her civic election loving project Count Me In, Vancouver. One look at her work and label designs and our hearts exploded! We’ve commission Jane to design what we think may be the cutest Valentine’s Day stickers (better known as labels where we’re from) on earth!

In the month of February, we be packing yo boxes and invoice envelopes like romantic gangsters… if you find some Label Love you can thank Jane Koo and her adorable brain.

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