Shrink Sleeve Label Packaging

Shrink Sleeve Label Packaging

January 29, 2015


When it comes to shrink sleeves printing, we’re like Bubba Gump on shrimp – we’ll shrink anything. Shrink sleeves for food, shrink sleeves for beverages, shrink sleeves for bottles, shrink sleeves for pharmaceutical products, shrink sleeves for… well anything.

The flexible packaging market is growing fast and the demand for shrink sleeve packaging continues. For marketing and brand identity nerds, the advantages of shrink sleeve packaging is obvious: increased space for brand identity, on-shelf impact, visual appeal for consumers, and practical advantages like protective security seals and tamper proof packaging.

You’ve likely picked up on the fancy bottle trend that has stormed supermarket shelves over the last five years. The secret is out and industry studies prove that high-contour bottles featuring shrink sleeve labels can create a strong emotional connection with consumers. We’re with the consumers when we say: there’s nothing quite like heat-shrink labels that smoothly cover the sleek contours of a curvaceous bottle design. On top of the label love, we know that heat-shrink labels are a cost effect method for decorating containers with highly complex shapes.

If you’re grossed out by our emotional obsession with the wonders that are the shrink label, we can be scientific and utilitarian too: shrink film packaging is swell for providing protective, tamper-evident seals for food and beverage products or pharmaceutical container caps.

Bottom line? We want to shrink wrap your box of chocolates. So give us a call.

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