Gold is NOT the New Black

Gold is NOT the New Black

March 17, 2015


The world may never be the same after a minor-freak out over a dress that looked both blue and black and white and gold.

At Associated Labels, we promise we’ll never make you think you’re going insane over the colour of your label printing, pouch printing, or flexible packaging printing. Blue is blue and gold is gold, and in order to make sure that is always true, Associated Labels invests in cutting edge ink and colour matching technology to insure we are the leaders in the label printing and packaging industry.


Our label printing facility is the first in Canada to incorporate the Pantone Digital Library,  X-Rite IFS and Color IQC colour matching system. “This program reviews and analyzes every aspect of colour operations— from preflight, file preparation and proofing, to ink formulation and mixing, and process control in the pressroom. This creates total quality management based on industry best practices and procedures that drive consistent and repeatable colour.”

Associated Labels is proud to announce its partnership with Sun Chemical, the largest ink supplier in the world.


Associated Labels uses X-Rite Ink Formulation Software which provides a fast, accurate and consistent ink formulation, storage, approval and retrieval solutions for flexographic, gravure and screen-printing inks. It formulates any colour from the Pantone Colour Book or library consistently and accurately.


Whether approving production samples or finished goods, Associated Labels employs the X-Rite Color IQC for colour control. It’s the industry’s most complete set of quality control features, which includes: colour standards, tolerances, and measurement conditions.


All inks at Associated Labels are mixed using an automated digital dispensing system that offers the highest degree of colour accuracy possible, batch after batch.

End of the day, this all means you’ll never have the same problem as @swiked did on Twitter:

So I just looked at this like, it’s blue and black obviously and all my friends were like no it’s blue and gold. Now I’m super confused, what is eyesight?

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