Pouchtastic Packaging

Pouchtastic Packaging

May 6, 2015


If flexible pouch packaging could talk, we know that the stand up pouch would be the first to say, “Look at me! I’m awesome!”

Stand up pouches ARE awesome and continue to grow in popularity because they offer benefits to both consumers and producers. For consumers, the stand up pouch just looks good. Combine the aesthetic appeal of a stand up pouch with the convenience of reclosable zippers and this type of flexible packaging easily becomes the best choice for packaging food, supplements, liquids and granular products.

Producers are drawn to the contemporary appearance of the stand up pouch and a number of benefits that include: protective barrier properties, portability, stand up pouch custom printing, reducing carbon footprint, warehousing and shipping cost savings.

Stand-up Pouches are available in clear, metalized and foil structures with optional zipper, hang holes and tear notches. Check out this Stand Up Pouch Style Guide to learn about the differences between: Doyen Style Gusset, K Skirt Style Gusset, Plough Style Gusset, 2 Side Seal Folded Bottom (Flat Barrier Bottom), and 3 Sided Seal (Reinforced Bottom).

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