Seven Generations of Caring Now Includes Packaging

Seven Generations of Caring Now Includes Packaging

January 25, 2016

seventh_generation_1Plant-based household cleaning products company Seventh Generation has a notable track record for innovation around eco-friendly packaging.

The new pouch is a multilayer Polyethylene film structure that provides functional and aesthetic advantages comparable to a mixed-material film structure, but solves the recycling challenge.

Their latest developments have all served to help Seventh Generation move closer to its 2020 sustainability goals around packaging, which include replacing all virgin petroleum-based plastics with recycled or bio-based materials, and making all of its packaging recyclable.

Until recently one packaging format that proved especially challenging from a recycling standpoint was the stand-up pouch used for the company’s Dishwasher Detergent Packs. Made from a mixed-material film laminate, the stand-up pouch could not be recycled, meaning 100% of the packages ended up in landfill.  Seventh Generation launched into retail a multilayer all-polyethylene stand-up pouch in Q4-2015 that is 100% recyclable.

“Our goal was to produce a recyclable stand-up package for our dishwasher pods, without sacrificing performance or aesthetics,” says Derrick Lawrence, Director of Packaging Development for Seventh Generation. Customers were asking for a more recyclable option, and turned demand into a reality.

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