Packaging Spotlight: Happy Planet

Packaging Spotlight: Happy Planet

October 27, 2009


Happy Planet, a leading organic and natural juice brand in Canada, has launched itself into the energy shots category with stand out packaging.

Determined to make its mark and to innovate the category, Happy Planet selected Subplot Design Inc. to create the complete packaging design for its new range of shots; while taking advantage of Associated Labels 26″ Comco Press to print its premium shrink film sleeves.

Packaging trends are moving towards shrink film sleeves and are already identifiable with buyers of coffee creamer, flavored milk and drinkable yogurt. This innovative packaging is expanding its reach and quickly shrinking itself into new markets such as packaged foods, beverages, consumer products, and now energy shots.

Happy Planet, embracing a minimal and clean aesthetic, developed a unique tall, slender, square-sided bottle utilizing a full shrink film sleeve. Their common silver wrap helps the packaging stand out at retail while taking advantage of the many unique attributes of the heat shrink label including an eye-catching, high-quality, 360 degree wraparound label with full bottle coverage.

Other advantages of shrink labels include their ability to cling tightly to just about any bottle shape, durability, an unprecedented print quality, and when extended and used to cover caps and lids – the label can add tamper-proof features to any container.

For companies seeking to print smaller runs, Associated Labels’ HP Digital Press is making full colour shrink labels more accessible. The HP Digital Press allows for instant proofs and prototypes identical to their client’s final product as well as print runs as few as one, or up to 50,000 labels.

Happy Planet Shots images, packaging concept and design provided by
© Subplot Design Inc.

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