NEW Instagram account for Associated Labels and Packaging

NEW Instagram account for Associated Labels and Packaging

June 10, 2016

artists-interpret-instagram-new-logo-designboom-011Here at Associated Labels and Packaging in Vancouver, we are always finding ways to better communicate the vision of our fun and fulfilling company to our customers. What better place to know who your dealing with than seeing the everyday workings of our business. Be it labels, film, flexible packaging or compostable stand-up pouches we are here for your viewing.

We look forward to this new platform and connecting with you on a new level.


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Written by Jay Ashworth

Art by @jarrett.hendrix

Associated Labels and Packaging

June 10, 2015


In our dreams, every single one of our customers would pay a visit to our label printing and flexible packaging printing facility. If you are ever in Vancouver, technically the City of Coquitlam, makes sure to come and visit. We’d love to take you for a tour in real life.

We know a physical meet isn’t alway possible, so by the grace of the internet and the marvel that is YouTube we have created virtual tours of the different divisions in our company.

Hold on! Get ready to be whisked away on an internet tour where our hairstyles are already out of date.

Choose your own adventure:

Associated Labels Identity
Label Printing Divison
Flexible Packaging Division
Digital Labels Divison

Bonus: Cat + Toothbrush = Mind blown!

If you’re afraid of falling down an internet video hole, feel free to take a Text Tour through our website: Label Printing, Flexible Packaging Printing, Stand Up Pouch Printing and Manufacturing, Digital Label Printing, Digital Flexible Packaging Printing, Wine Label Digital Printing, Packaging Equipment and Label Application Equipment.


We Choose Wine by its Bottle and Label

April 16, 2015


A label on the bottle is the main means for consumers to distinguish one wine brand from another prior to tasting. The design and content of the label is what reaches out and motivates a transaction in the crowded marketplace away from the vineyard and winery tasting rooms. Most people choose wine by looking at the bottle and the wine label printing.

Therefore, the heart of the brand must be conveyed clearly through the label while meeting aesthetic and budgetary goals. While designers produce artwork that brings recognition and consistency to a brand’s message; Associated Labels prints fantastic wine labels that get the attention on the shelf that they deserve.

When it comes to wine label printing our Digital Label Printing Division allows for premium quality wine label printing for both short and long runs. Unique graphics, variable imaging and a variety of customized wine label printing solutions; sequential images or data can be achieved on our digital label printing presses. Contact our wine label printing experts today to discuss printing your wine labels.

Superfantastic Digital Label Printing

January 22, 2015


Craft distilling, like craft brewing before it, is in the midst of a boom – producing everything from whiskey, gin, vodka and rum.

Every town in North America has a coffee roaster, little bakeries and a brewery; and distilling is the last piece in the artisan renaissance that has reshaped consumerism. Like artisan bakers and candle stick makers, our digital label printers are kings of their craft. Digital Label Printing allows for small batch printing, high quality runs on some of the most beautiful uncoated substrates and textured wine label printing papers. Offering complex label printing shapes, foil stamping and accenting, and high-touch techniques such as embossing and multi-level embossing you’re product is going to look super fantastic.

We love that design firm Superfantastic created a unique and special Christmas gift for their friends and clients to sip back and enjoy over the holiday break. What better than a small batch gin unique in flavour and carefully crafted?

They designed a sharp and delicate label to compliment the purity and precise festive flavours of our Superfantastic Pink Pepper Gin, not forgetting to include their punchy brand favourite, fluorescent orange.

Simple, Clever Rotary Dies

December 14, 2013

Wine Label Printing:

Wine label printing has evolved into a sophisticated design category that lends itself to creativity that knows no bounds. The more unique & clever the use of simple materials such as custom die lines, spot varnishes and foil stamps, the greater impact its label has on the shelf.

The clever use of a custom die line make this pressure sensitive label designed for the Weninger Winery a beautiful example of the saying, ‘less is more’. This custom label printing with its simple, sleek and typographic approach is the perfect solution to fulfill the task of, ‘creating a unified label scheme that can be used for years ahead’ as well as to create an eye catching design that appeals to the young people of the Sopron wine region.

Associated Labels offers many label printing services such as our digital label printing division which is a perfect fit for these specialty wine labels that require exceptional quality and have small to medium print runs. Our HP Indigo Presses can provide instant proofs and prototypes identical to your final product on the exact label printing substrate of your choice, helping you make your final wine label printing nothing but a success!

For further information about our Digital Label Division, please contact us.

Image: Behance

Wine Label Printing: Two Hoots

January 19, 2012

The wine label printing and packaging design for Two Hoots, a new wine collection, targets a young, fun and care-free audience (20-35). For each wine label an owl character has been designed to match the characteristics of the wine, which nicely ties into the tongue in cheek descriptions on the back of each varietal.

The back wine label printing of the Cabernet Rose reads: ‘Like the screeching owl, this cabernet rose has a rather flirtatious character. Fresh peach and pear aromas combine with cheeky cherry flavours to add sweetness to the playful, fruity wine.’ The back wine label of the Cabernet Merlot reads: ‘Robust and vigorous like the spotted owl, this cabernet merlot has a rich plum character. Oak and blackcurrant aromas combine with dark cherry flavours to add luxury to this hearty wine.’

When it comes to wine label printing our Digital Label Printing Division allows for premium quality wine label printing for both short and long runs. Unique graphics, variable imaging and a variety of customized wine label printing solutions; sequential images or data can be achieved on our digital label printing presses. Contact our wine label printing experts today to discuss printing your wine labels.

Design and images via Maegan Brown

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