Update: One Girl Can! Margaret, the Gift of Education

Update: One Girl Can! Margaret, the Gift of Education

December 14, 2017

Associated Labels and Packaging is so pleased to be part of this project founded by Lotte Davis, CEO and Co-founder of AG Hair. The gift of education is a gift that continues to give in terms of personal strength and surrounding community.

Congratulations City of Coquitlam!

September 21, 2017

Associated Labels and Packaging was happy to support the efforts in the City of Coquitlam’s first attempt at the international Communities in Bloom (CiB) competition. Our company was on the tour showcasing our honey bees to the judges, they suited up and came into the compound for a closer look.  The theme for Coquitlam for this years CiB was pollinators so the fit was perfect! We sent the judges off with a jar of last seasons honey, as well as, some samples of our fully backyard compostable, non-GMO,  stand-up pouches. They were impressed!

The City of Coquitlam came in second and achieved Five Blooms – Silver and an “Outstanding Achievement Award for Urban Forestry.” We congratulate the city, and the staff for all their hard work in creating such a wonderful and inclusive program. The city is a greater place for all the time and effort invested.

Check out the judges tour, and see if you can pick out our bee keepers 🙂

For further reading there is also the press release by clicking here



International Competition: Communities in Bloom, ROUND TWO!

July 10, 2017

For the second year in a row, Associated Labels and Packaging is participated in the Communities in Bloom Competition in partnership with the City of Coquitlam (CoQ).

In 2016 our company was first approached to participate in the competition after our staff helped plant native species in the adjacent creek as part of a restoration project. We gladly accepted having just installed our two new bee hives. In addition, we showcased our first in North America: Non-GMO, Backyard Compostable, Stand-Up Pouch to the national judges! Needless to say they were impressed with the pouch that fully composts in 90 days and our pollinators buzzing around. The CoQ ended up winning the award for the national “Over-50,000” population category, and received a “5 Blooms Silver” rating. With the outstanding mark of 88 percent, the CoQ decided to participate in the international competition. After the 2016 win, the City of Coquitlam parks staff approached our company to join their Communities in Bloom Task Force; we happily accepted. Each couple of months our representative would attend meetings to discuss strategies and ideas to help win the next event.

This year the City will compete against others in the same population category except on an international level. Our beautiful city is up against other amazing cities such as Bruges Belgium, Wood Buffalo Alberta and Holland Michigan. Once again our company will be on the judges tour next week, and since this year the theme is pollinators, we will be taking them into our apiary which has doubled in size since last year! In addition to the hives, we have installed a modest native food forest which hosts Nodding Onions, Mountain Strawberries, Camas and the like; in addition to our regular vegetable garden.

We are proud to be participants in this years event to help educate others about pollination, environmental initiatives and community involvement to the best of our ability.

You can see our apiary in the attached video at the 00:26 second mark 😉




May 23, 2017

Our mission is: We Build. We Educate. We Mentor. One Girl Can is focused on creating gender equality through education for girls living in extreme poverty in Africa.


To: Shaun Ashworth

Subject: One Girl Can – University Scholarship Donation

Hi Shaun,

Many thanks for your generosity in providing a full university scholarship for a bright girl, who would otherwise surely have gone back to resume life in her village –  more educated and motivated to perhaps start a small business and make changes in her life, but nothing to the degree that a university degree will…

…Thank you as well for taking the time to attend the event with your team Shaun, I was really moved by this effort. It was nice to finally meet you.
Warm regards,



lotte davis | founder and CEO


The Power of Meeting the Right People

February 28, 2017

Associated Labels and Packaging is proud to announce our involvement in the Economic Development Advisory Committee with the City of Coquitlam. Last week city councillors voted unanimously to make Jay Ashworth (Marketing and Sustainability Manager) the twelfth member of the advisory committee.

Our company has always been involved in community work in one form or another. Last summer in order to create awareness regarding declining bee and pollinator populations, our company decided to install honey bees on site. Staff are encouraged to assist in taking care of the bees on their free time.

At the same time the City of Coquitlam was implementing a creek restoration project next to our company. Erin Gorby, who was heading the project suggested we join City of Coquitlam’s “Communities in Bloom” national competition. We agreed, and our honey bees and surrounding garden was a stop on the judge’s tour. The city ended up winning the national competition for their population group. Afterwards our company was asked to be on the board for the international competition next year; we happily accepted.

Furthermore when the restoration project was ready, our staff came out with shovels and gloves to help plant native plants. In addition, Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart and Councillor Bonita Zarrillo came by to help. We must give Bonita a big thank you! She pushed us in the right direction which created tremendous momentum.

Bonita recommended that our company join the local Tri-Cities, Chamber of Commerce which includes Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody. We happily joined, and soon after joined the Vancouver Board of Trade. Within the first six months our company was nominated for the Business Excellence Award for companies with 30+ employees. We were happy to make it all the way to the finalist group!

Associated Labels and Packaging was also invited to city hall for the Communities in Bloom award presentation and after party. It was at this after party that we met Eric Kalnins and David Munro, who work for the Department of Economic Development.

The two gentleman came down to our plant and toured the multiple buildings which house our Label, Digital, Flexible Packaging and Application Equipment Divisions.

With over 35 years of experience, our staff often overlook the intricacies of our facility when giving tours. They usually head straight to the largest of our state of the art presses, leaving visitors a few feet from the production entrance. Our guests are overwhelmed by what they see unfolding before them. In the massive warehouses, presses are lined up side by side, by side and spin label stock or film, which turns through a maze of cylinders. All the while colourful inks are being applied to plate material which makes impressions on the substrate. Our plant is truly the Willy Wonka of manufacturing!

After giving Eric and David a whirlwind tour, we started to speak about how our relationship with the city and community grow. We discussed a range of items including how we can continue to be one of the largest employers in the city, as well as new possibilities for expanding our company physically or through awareness. Another one of the values our company takes seriously is the environment. This is why we spent four years developing North America’s first Non-GMO, Backyard Compostable Stand-Up Pouch which is used for things like rice or quinoa. We wanted to offer alternative options to the conventional products seen on the market. David and Eric are such great people; cooperative and understanding.

During our meeting they said they wanted to put us in touch with Dennis Marsden (Councillor), to come and check out the plant as well. In the following weeks Dennis came down and was impressed with the facility, especially our in-house graphic designers.

He was recently working with other tech companies in the city. Dennis suggested we put our name forward to council and become the next member of the advisory committee.

So here we are full circle, in the power of meeting the right people who know where this committee group will take us. We are always looking for ways to connect and we encourage other companies to do the same. Conversations, collaborations and working with others in your industry keeps your company fresh and on it’s toes.

If your company wishes to connect with us, please feel free to do so!

You can reach us at hr@associated-labels.com

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