Print Smart; Flexographic Printing vs. Digital Printing Infographic

Print Smart; Flexographic Printing vs. Digital Printing Infographic

March 2, 2017


2D Barcodes

June 10, 2010

As 2D barcodes trend in North American consumer markets and production lines, Associated Labels introduces a new print technology that can pre-print unique 2D barcodes onto any label.

For consumers, 2D Barcodes are a call-to-action, they store massive amounts of information and can appear on every imaginable surface: in magazines, on signs, buses, food and beverage containers and now your labels.


Parking Spots to Garden Plots

October 28, 2009

Packaging Spotlight: Happy Planet

October 27, 2009


Happy Planet, a leading organic and natural juice brand in Canada, has launched itself into the energy shots category with stand out packaging.

Determined to make its mark and to innovate the category, Happy Planet selected Subplot Design Inc. to create the complete packaging design for its new range of shots; while taking advantage of Associated Labels 26″ Comco Press to print its premium shrink film sleeves.

Packaging trends are moving towards shrink film sleeves and are already identifiable with buyers of coffee creamer, flavored milk and drinkable yogurt. This innovative packaging is expanding its reach and quickly shrinking itself into new markets such as packaged foods, beverages, consumer products, and now energy shots.

Happy Planet, embracing a minimal and clean aesthetic, developed a unique tall, slender, square-sided bottle utilizing a full shrink film sleeve. Their common silver wrap helps the packaging stand out at retail while taking advantage of the many unique attributes of the heat shrink label including an eye-catching, high-quality, 360 degree wraparound label with full bottle coverage.

Other advantages of shrink labels include their ability to cling tightly to just about any bottle shape, durability, an unprecedented print quality, and when extended and used to cover caps and lids – the label can add tamper-proof features to any container.

For companies seeking to print smaller runs, Associated Labels’ HP Digital Press is making full colour shrink labels more accessible. The HP Digital Press allows for instant proofs and prototypes identical to their client’s final product as well as print runs as few as one, or up to 50,000 labels.

Happy Planet Shots images, packaging concept and design provided by
© Subplot Design Inc.

Making Brown Our New Green


To mark the launch of its Environment First Initiative (EFI), Associated Labels is replacing its logo crested white vanity boxes with a fresh, eco-iconic brown box.

“Gone are the days that environmental issues are embraced by a limited minority,” states Jay Ashworth, Associated Labels’ EFI Director, “Thankfully, a sizable part of the corporate community is catching on to this positive global trend.”

As Associated Labels aims to decrease the amount of carbon, energy, dollars and other resources they expend as a company, their new boxes work as a visual statement marking the start of their new earth focused direction. Ashworth explains, “We are committed to eliminating unsustainable habits within our company, while embracing newer, greener alternatives.”

“We hope our business partners will gain from our initiative too,” Ashworth continues, “We will be sharing our knowledge and findings as they develop. The company has discovered firsthand how minor adjustments to their operations can increase environmental awareness while contributing to financial and environmental gains.”

Associated Labels also offers their customers environmentally friendly face-stocks and substrates, including a petroleum free corn-based shrink film that is completely compostable. “This innovative material,” Ashworth notes, “can reduce our customer’s carbon footprint while maintaining excellent print quality.” These environmentally friendly materials “cater to an eco-conscious consumer and their increased focus and demand for sustainability and environmentally aware products.”

Press For Success


Associated Labels featured in Canadian Packaging Magazine:

“West Coast label manufacturer prints a new chapter in its long-running success story with two new press installations”

Read full article, Press for Success

Associated Labels Thirsty for Change


Associated Labels, in celebration of World Water Day, observed annually on March 22, has announced the completion of a year long water project that the company hopes will inspire activism and public service at both a corporate and individual level.

Rusty Ashworth, President of Associated Labels, stated, “We are committed to making a difference in the world.” Ashworth and his company recognize that regardless of income, available time, age, and skills, we can all do something useful for others and, in the process, strengthen the fabric of our shared humanity.

Ashworth continued, “Our goal was to drill and build a water well in the East African village of Kagulu in Uganda.” The village of Kagulu and its people, like more than 1.1 billion people worldwide, lack access to any clean and safe drinking water. As a result, many women and young girls in this rural Sub-Saharan African village, as with other parts of the world, must trek as far as 15 kilometers everyday to retrieve water for their families.

Due to this manual labor, Ashworth states, “Such women and children are prevented from pursuing an education, maintaining their households or earning additional income.” It was with this in mind that Ashworth realized there was, “a huge opportunity for Associated Labels, as a company, to have an enormous impact on this very vulnerable community.”

Associated Labels’ funded water well is now complete and fully functional. “It’s incredible to see the positive human impact this work has had on our company as well as this village worlds away,” Ashworth reflects, “through our efforts, our water well has made clean drinking water accessible 24 hours a day.” Not only has this project brought clean drinking water to a community in need, it will also lead to improvements in health, sanitation, education, gender equality, and increased economic development.

By sharing his story, Ashworth hopes that others will be “inspired by this great success story of our company.” While hitting home the fact that through any act of giving and kindness, “we can all have a profound influence on the lives of others.” Associated Labels understands that we can all make a difference in our local communities and across the globe as individuals and corporations and is slatted to fund future projects that will make a difference in the lives of others.

Check out our Water Well Project Photo Album

Associated Labels Flexes with Comco


Associated Labels continues to experience growth, while setting new standards for film and flexible package printing with its Comco ProGlide FLX and dedicated Flexible Packaging Division.

As the film and flexible packaging market segments continue to expand and evolve, Associated Labels responds by offering unprecedented printing technologies that have set a new standard of in-line flexo/grauvre print quality.

Rusty Ashworth, President of Associated Labels, explains that the company is committed to, “delivering innovative decorating and packaging solutions that fit our customers and their products perfectly.” Ashworth adds, “We’re addressing trends within the packaging market, which calls for stand out packaging in a variety of unique shapes and sizes.”

One of the key advantages of flexible packaging is the many different formats it can come in such as stand-up pouches, horizontal and vertical form fillers, inline wrappers, and bags. Associated Labels is offering manufacturers versatility while incorporating the company’s advanced printing technology with an uncompromising commitment to quality and service.

The company’s high quality standards are met with the incorporation of flexographic and gravure printing technologies. Press operator, Jamie Barker notes, “Our Comco press allows us to achieve stronger whites, rich color density, and an unprecedented print quality.”

Associated Labels’ 26” Comco Press, equipped with 11 color flexo/gravure laminating stations, marks an extraordinary progression for the company’s in-line printing technology. Packaging sales professional Dennis Bradford states, “The print quality alone will help our customers achieve a strong brand presence with an eye-catching packaging solution.”

As Ashworth explains, eye catching print quality is one of the many appeals of flexible packaging for his customers. “Many of our customers are discovering just how functional, affordable, and innovative flexible packaging can be.” This appeal goes further into the consumer markets where trends such as environmental impact and convenience are deal breakers that flexible packaging can answer to.

Flexible packaging can reduce packaging costs and environmental impact simply by eliminating multi-layer packaging. In addition to this reduction, the flexible packaging format has storage, production, performance, and distribution advantages over rigid packaging mediums and has a direct impact on consumer waste.

With an increase demand for convenience from an active and mobile modern consumer, flexible packaging continues to offer solutions for manufacturers in the form of single serving pouches and other innovative flexible formats that are taking convenience packaging to a whole new level. When it comes to innovative labeling and packaging solutions, Associated Labels has got you covered.

Digital Labels with HP


Associated Labels has launched its highly anticipated Digital Printing Division by welcoming the most advanced industrial digital printing press from HP.

For Associated Labels, introducing the HP Indigo Press ws4500 into its fleet of industry leading presses, allows the company to provide leading digital solution for short runs of high-quality labels and packaging with fast turnaround.

Associated Labels, for more than 25 years, has focused exclusively on label and packaging solutions that deliver distinction to their clients and products. Shaun Ashworth, COO of Associated Labels, was especially excited about the launch of this new Digital Printing Division. He explains, “We are providing the most advanced presses to our clients, with on demand customized printing solutions.”

This new HP Digital Press allows Associated Labels to offer instant proofs and prototypes identical to their client’s final product. Print runs as few as one, or up to 50,000 labels, with fast turnaround time, allows product to hit the market quickly.

By offering virtually limitless substrate compatibility and exceptional print quality, Ashworth explains, “Associated Labels will ensure your brands stand out in the market place.” The HP Indigo Press ws4500 will print up to seven colors, including spot colors, white, and eye-popping fluorescent colors.

Rusty Ashworth, President of Associated Labels, explains that “the company’s Digital Printing Division allows for cost effective, versatile digital printing for labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.” He continues, “With small, medium or large quantities runs, we can precisely meet our client’s printing needs which makes managing their supply chain effective by lowering inventory costs and increasing savings.”

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