Undeniably Awesome Digital Label Printing

Feb. 20, 2015

Think about what digital technology did to your TV, now imagine that same high definition technology being used to print your labels and flexible packaging. Like dolphins on the Nature Channel your digital labels will look undeniably awesome. If our ocean-going mammalian counterparts of the sea is too much of a stretch for your brain, think about how you feel when you watch Georges St-Pierre in the UFC Octagon, it's impossible to look away! That's how we get when we see your labels being printed digitally - the details POP like a flyweight kick in the mouth.

Associated Labels, always leads when it comes to printing technology. We invest in technology because it keeps your labels and packaging looking fresh. Last year we upgraded our Digital Printing Division with the HP Indigo WS6600 Digital Press. HP call it the most productive, flexible and high-quality solution for printing digital labels and digitally produced flexible packaging.

The Digital Label Printing Division enables Associated Labels to meet growing requirements for shorter run lengths and higher print quality. Innovation in digital label printing is offering a wealth of opportunity for brands. Digital print is having a great impact on how brands behave and interact with consumers, opening up new opportunities for instant connection and gratification. Digital printing enables brands to optimize time, energy and rewards and create more tailored experiences for their consumers by creating print that sits seamlessly within an integrated world.