Letting Your Product Speak for Itself

Dec. 9, 2015

Lots of juices that you can buy in the store aren’t just juice—they’ve got added sugar and other flavours. Organic, all natural fresh juices are not only better for you, but taste better by far with the pure flavour of each fruit or vegetable. Nikita Ivanov concept for SINGULAR Fresh Juice that has a brand and label design just as simple as the product.

Each bottle of SINGULAR is small and clear, allowing the beautiful hues of the juices to be the first thing that buyers notice. Each label has a few holes in it, adding colour into the white, black, and blue and also demonstrating the beauty in each drink’s individuality and imperfections. A stamp of the fruit ingredient appears on the front of the label, created from the fruit itself, further emphasizing the raw and unique quality each bottle of SINGULAR has.

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