Flexible Packaging

Jan. 23, 2014
Stand up pouch, flexible packaging

Smart packaging comes in the form of Stand up flexible packaging pouches.

Hallingers Tea & Coffee offers an extensive assortment of premium teas. Clormann Design developed a simple eco friendly packaging system that incorporates the use of a pressure sensitive labels (unique stickers that are applied to uniformly embossed tins) and flexible packaging as seen here. These printed zippered pouches keep tea fresh and provide the consumer the ability to refill their beautiful tins of tea, when need be!

Tins, printed labels, and flexible packaging in the form of stand up pouches make this a fantastic design solution that is simple and cost effective.

Associated Labels are not only experts in printing labels but also offer expertise in shrink sleeves, pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging and wine label printing. With our new Totani Stand up Pouch & Bag making machine we can create packages as lovely as the ones Clormann Design developed for Hallingers Tea and Coffee!

Image: the dieline