The Culture that Could

The Culture that Could

December 24, 2014

IMG_0231Through out the year, as we walk into Associated Labels – past the printing presses, the production files that proudly populate our desks, and through the technology that stand attention in our art department – we are struck by the unique culture that defines this place. Whether it is your first or first thousandth visit, it never gets old.

This December our team came together to collect an astonishing 9,000 pounds of food that we are donating to a local food bank.

In our ugly sweaters, next to our piles of food – we wish you a warm holiday season and look forward to serving you lots of cheer through out the new year!

The Future of Packaging Now

November 22, 2014

unnamedAs a company we are constantly considering the environmental impact of packaging. We believe it’s our job to innovate the future of label printing, stand-up pouches, digital label printing and flexible packaging.

The idea behind our 100% Backyard Compostable Stand-Up Pouches was to develop a sustainable stand-up pouch that was sophisticated in look and superior in function when compared to any other stand-up pouch on the market.

Associated Labels has developed North America’s first 100% Backyard Compostable Stand-Up Pouch. Consumers can place this earth friendly packaging stand-up pouch in their backyard compost and the compostable pouch will be gone for good in 4-6 weeks. This industry leading 100% Backyard Compostable Pouch includes: paper, foil layer, sealant layer, zipper and adhesive. Sustainable Packaging never looked so good either – we’d love to put our earth friendly stand-up pouch in your hands. Contact us and we’ll send some stand-up pouch samples your way.

Labels Smooth Like Lotion

November 20, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 3.37.35 PM
Oooooh Mommy! Now there are some smooth looking pressure sensitive labels. Each year, Kiehl’s has embarked on artist collaborations with several big names in the art world. Craig & Karl are the most recent to join the likes of Jeff Koons and KAWS by bringing their signature bold graphical work to the gift boxes and labels of Kiehl’s iconic Creme de Corps. Associated Labels is an ultra label manufacturer and the perfect choice for printing labels for your ultra face cream, lip balm labels, and cosmetic digital labels. If you need a small run of lip balm digital label printing – we’ve got a digital printing press with your name on it!


Creators of Culture

barwrappersPowerful brands don’t just happen. They’re created. By people with vision and purpose.

A new alkaline-based weight loss system needed to carve out territory in the highly competitive dieting market and hired McLean Design to create a compelling brand and packaging system to elevate its natural cleanse program.

We love that their Dietary Supplement Stand-up Pouches and All Natural Nutrition Bar inline bar wrapper printing is clean, bright, and embodies the simplicity of the program.

Contact us to learn more about inline bar wrapper printing, stand-up pouch printing and manufacturing your flexible packaging products.

Come Tour Our Printing Facility

November 18, 2014

It’s no Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory but we can print golden tickets! We’d like to invite you to visit Associated Labels production facilities to see firsthand why we’re the leading labels printingstand up pouch manufacturing, digital label printing, wine label printing and flexible packaging printer in Western Canada and the Pacific North West.

We know the kid in all of us like to see how things are made. So let us know when you’d like to visit, we’ll hide the Oompa Loompas (because they’re freaky) and give you our Associated Labels Golden Ticket Tour.


A Good Book Drive

November 16, 2014

shaunAssociated Labels is proud to support A Good Book Drive, an annual book drive to bring stories to a new generation of readers, and support kids in need of new books in Vancouver and New York City.

Running through the month of November, A Good Book Drive will be inspiring Vancouverites and New Yorkers to purchase a new copy of their favorite kids’ book and deliver it to set locations throughout their cities to be donated to this year’s book drive recipients.

A Good Book Drive has teamed up with a great group of independent Vancouver and New York retailers that will each house a Good Book Box where donors can drop off their favorite kids book. There, donors will be able to personalize their donation with a special bookplate, printed by Associated Labels, sharing their own story of why that book is special. By permanently placing those stories within the cover of the books, children will read the personal narratives and learn about the impact of that book on someone else’s life.

Shaun Ashworth, president of Associated Labels, donated his favourite childhood book: Green Eggs and Ham.

The Warhol of Stand-Up Pouches

November 15, 2014

SoupCanThe stand-up pouch is where it’s at. Putting your product in a pouch is like giving Andy Warhol a soup can – it’s going to look great! Associated Labels prints stand-up pouches and laminate pouches with high barrier for product protection, packaging pouches with storage stability, pouch stiffness to ensure your pouch stands up and heat resistant packaging pouches. Just pick a stand-up pouch shape and a pouch size and we will print it! If you’re new to the world of stand-up pouches we would love to help you out. Give us a call or shoot us off an email here.

Count Me In, Vancouver

November 14, 2014

countmeinVancouver’s civic election takes place on November 15, 2014 can City Hall, Count You In?

Voting is having a say in how City Hall spends money on major projects. You’re telling the government how you feel about parks, food trucks, schools, bike lanes, beer, farmer’s markets, minimum wage, and beaches. Hey pal, that’s a whole lot of power you’ve got!

On November 15, 2014, you’ll find Megan Lau and Jane Koo, of  Count Me In, Vancouver, at Mount Pleasant Community Centre (one of 120 city-wide polling stations) handing out Count Me In stickers (printed at Associated Labels), so you can tell the world that you took time to vote for Vancouver’s government.

Fun Rotary Die Line­­

July 28, 2014

Picture of the rotary-die-line for the Oh Lay! Orange Juice Label



Pressure Sensitive Labels:

This Oh Lay! Orange Juice Label design won an excellence in flexography award for an FTA label competition. This example of custom label printing used a three color process, which lowered costs by reducing make-ready time and materials.

Simple & beautiful artwork combined with a unique die cut shape would make this Oh Lay! pressure sensitive label a perfect fit for Associated Labels‘ label printing services. Contact our service representatives to assist you in creating an economical design solution for your next flexible packaging creation.

Image: Behance

Printed by Chad Quigley.


Flexible Packaging

January 23, 2014

Stand up pouch, flexible packaging

Smart packaging comes in the form of Stand up flexible packaging pouches.

Hallingers Tea & Coffee offers an extensive assortment of premium teas. Clormann Design developed a simple eco friendly packaging system that incorporates the use of a pressure sensitive labels (unique stickers that are applied to uniformly embossed tins) and flexible packaging as seen here. These printed zippered pouches keep tea fresh and provide the consumer the ability to refill their beautiful tins of tea, when need be!

Tins, printed labels, and flexible packaging in the form of stand up pouches make this a fantastic design solution that is simple and cost effective.

Associated Labels are not only experts in printing labels but also offer expertise in shrink sleeves, pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging and wine label printing. With our new Totani Stand up Pouch & Bag making machine we can create packages as lovely as the ones Clormann Design developed for Hallingers Tea and Coffee!

Image: the dieline


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