Vanity Barcodes

Vanity Barcodes

December 30, 2013


Pressure Sensitive Label Printing:

Label printing companies are beginning to see some fun and humor incorporated into the rudimentary design of the plain old barcode. Mic’s Chilli BBQ Sauce received a Gold bell award for packaging design in ICAD 2013 awards thanks to Steve Simpson, from Dublin Ireland! Here he has transformed the boring black UPC barcode into a visually, stimulating piece of artwork which also serves as a powerful marketing tool!

These Vanity codes can be printed onto flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, digital labels as well as pressure sensitive labels. Who knew they could provide both form and function!

Not only are the Bar Codes wonderfully wacky on Mic’s Chilli BBQ Sauce but each flavour of sauce has it own custom label printing and die line that cleverly incorporates an interesting lap idea as well as a fun cap seal, again making the ordinary, extraordinary!

Click here for more information on  bar code standards and implementation.

Image: Behance


Simple, Clever Rotary Dies

December 14, 2013

Wine Label Printing:

Wine label printing has evolved into a sophisticated design category that lends itself to creativity that knows no bounds. The more unique & clever the use of simple materials such as custom die lines, spot varnishes and foil stamps, the greater impact its label has on the shelf.

The clever use of a custom die line make this pressure sensitive label designed for the Weninger Winery a beautiful example of the saying, ‘less is more’. This custom label printing with its simple, sleek and typographic approach is the perfect solution to fulfill the task of, ‘creating a unified label scheme that can be used for years ahead’ as well as to create an eye catching design that appeals to the young people of the Sopron wine region.

Associated Labels offers many label printing services such as our digital label printing division which is a perfect fit for these specialty wine labels that require exceptional quality and have small to medium print runs. Our HP Indigo Presses can provide instant proofs and prototypes identical to your final product on the exact label printing substrate of your choice, helping you make your final wine label printing nothing but a success!

For further information about our Digital Label Division, please contact us.

Image: Behance

Simple, Affordable, Eye-Catching Labels

October 25, 2013

Flexible Packaging Example from Get Free

Flexible packaging:

Eye-catching labels can be designed and printed simply & affordably!

Bold & beautiful are the results Design Womb created for a new line of pre-packaged gluten-free baking mixes named ‘GetFree’ which is located in the the San Francisco Bay Area.

It just goes to show you that you don’t need print 10 colours to create an eye-catching flexible package. These colourful stand up pouches jump off the shelf with their bright ideas, while the bold typography take you through a humorous story. As a label printing company, we at Associated Labels agree that GetFree has indeed brought some visual spunk to the gluten-free baking aisle, well done!

Image: Behance


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