Flexible Packaging: Frozen Dessert

Feb. 17, 2012

The Beachy Cream ice cream sandwich flexible packaging sleeves are inspired by fun in the sun, beach balls, and polka dot bikinis. Eating ice cream is fun and the frozen food packaging needed to not only reflect this, but also be easily portable and look just as delicious as the ice cream sandwiches inside the flexible packaging materials.

The overall packaging concept, for Beachy Cream's frozen food flexible packaging, winks at surf slang and popular Beach Boy songs from the past. Their frozen dessert packaging feels modern and graphic while utilizing a bright and creamy beach inspired colour palette.

The only thing we would add to this delicious looking packaging would be a QR Code. The latest smartphones cameras have macro capabilities which means QR code minimum size for print has decreased and allows for really small QR codes to appear on packaging without compromising the overall design.

Design and image via Design Womb