Label Printing: Dogs, Labels, Love

Label Printing: Dogs, Labels, Love

May 31, 2012

Pet lovers can count on finding plenty of bark-worthy things at Olive. Olive provides some of the safest, most environmentally-friendly, and well designed goods for dogs and cats. Olive teamed up with Modern Dog Design Co., an internationally acclaimed design studio in Seattle Washington, to design and name their products. The bold and playful pressure sensitive label design really caught our eye – that and we love dogs!

People: Supporting People

May 10, 2012

Associated Labels, proudly supports public service at both a corporate and individual level.

We have recently donated funds to support an orphanage in the Philippines that is run through the volunteering efforts of a staff member at Associated Labels.

Through this work we are reminded that we can all do something useful for others and, in the process, strengthen the fabric of our shared humanity.

Sweet Flexible Packaging

London based, LBD – Leahy Brand Design has created a new consumer range of sugar flexible packaging stand up pouches that are designed specifically for home baking. This new user-friendly flexible packaging means less mess and less waste with re-sealable packs and on-the-back inspiration in the form of easy recipes and helpful hints.

Natural Products Expo West

March 19, 2012

Associated Labels is back from exhibiting at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA. We had a chance to showcase our production divisions including Labels, Flexible Packaging, Digital Label Printing, Digital Label Printing Equipment, as well as Label Application and Packaging Equipment. It’s great walking the convention floors, checking out the innovative natural products and we can’t help but be inspired by the beautiful product packaging. The Natural Products Expo West really has it all: health and beauty products, household and cleaning supply, food and beverage, as well as kids baby and pet food packaging.

Image via The Dieline

Printing Like It’s 2033

February 24, 2012

When it comes to package design Svedka Vodka knows how to get a party started. New York firm Establish created a fun flexible packaging design that generated intoxicating results. Stare at the packaging shrink wrap long enough and you could get a buzz off the optical illusion alone.

By utilizing shrink wrap packaging this graphic pattern covers the entire bottle. The bottle design is cheeky, eye-catching, and certain to grab the attention of anyone passing by.

Design and image via Establish

Flexible Packaging: Frozen Dessert

February 17, 2012

The Beachy Cream ice cream sandwich flexible packaging sleeves are inspired by fun in the sun, beach balls, and polka dot bikinis. Eating ice cream is fun and the frozen food packaging needed to not only reflect this, but also be easily portable and look just as delicious as the ice cream sandwiches inside the flexible packaging materials.

The overall packaging concept, for Beachy Cream’s frozen food flexible packaging, winks at surf slang and popular Beach Boy songs from the past. Their frozen dessert packaging feels modern and graphic while utilizing a bright and creamy beach inspired colour palette.

The only thing we would add to this delicious looking packaging would be a QR Code. The latest smartphones cameras have macro capabilities which means QR code minimum size for print has decreased and allows for really small QR codes to appear on packaging without compromising the overall design.

Design and image via Design Womb

Labels: Made With Joy

February 8, 2012


Made With Joy, a food and beverage company, launched their range of lassi drinks with the help of The House. The House, a design, digital and marketing agency in London, helped choose the name, create the identity, produce the packaging and launch the new website. The product label printing design is based on Indian colours, bling and patterns. A bold design and custom die cut label that is already proving a hit in the shops of London town.

At Associated Labels Vancouver, designers love our Digital Label Printing Division. We can provide instant proofs and prototypes identical to any new product line design. Our fleet of HP Indigo digital label printing equipment provides cost effective, versatile digital printing for labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.

Design and images via The House

Shrink Sleeves: Moo La La

February 7, 2012

We agree with design agency Ziggurat Brands that: Successful brands are built on authentic stories that emotionally connect with people.

Have one look at these Frijj Milkshakes shrink sleeves labels: graphic cues in the typography, including strawberries, bananas and chocolate chunks, highlight the natural flavour variants and build the brand’s quirky personality.

The flexible packaging materials showcase full body heat shrink sleeves that maintain the brands appeal to its target consumers including: impulse purchasers, teenagers and parents on the run.

Design and images via Ziggurat Brands

No Regrets: Compostable Labels

February 2, 2012

Halski Studio developed some fun product label printing for a line of natural hand soaps. Better Life, a leader in natural cleaning products, brought so much colour, pop and life to their natural hand soap labels.

We’re digging their all-natural ingredients that are good for the environment and love that the earth friendly focus doesn’t need to stop at what’s inside the bottles. Associated Labels, committed to greener alternatives in printing, offers innovative, sustainable and compostable labels as well as petroleum free corn-based shrink sleeves labels. This means your labels, packaging and products can be good for the earth inside and out.

Design and images via Halski Studio


Flexible Packaging: Scrumptious

January 27, 2012

If you’re asking yourself: What is flexible packaging? One answer could be the beautiful stand up pouches designed for Scrumptious Splendid Cereals.

For this upstart challenger brand, Minneapolis design consultancy Ideas that Kick created flexible packaging materials that communicate taste, quality and adult indulgence to consumers at first glance. Each bag brings an entirely new retail concept to life.

Our simple, sophisticated color story and clean, elegant type define Scrumptious as the indulgent alternative within the adult breakfast cereal category adds Kick executive creative director Stefan Hartung. Small stand-up bags create a shelf presence totally unlike our client’s competition. And we delivered bags that are the opposite of another boring box with a bowl full of brown stuff on the front.

You can look for Scrumptious in Walmart cereal aisles. Select flavors are being tested in regional markets.

Design and images via Ideas that Kick

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