Making Brown Our New Green

Oct. 27, 2009

To mark the launch of its Environment First Initiative (EFI), Associated Labels is replacing its logo crested white vanity boxes with a fresh, eco-iconic brown box.

"Gone are the days that environmental issues are embraced by a limited minority," states Jay Ashworth, Associated Labels' EFI Director, "Thankfully, a sizable part of the corporate community is catching on to this positive global trend."

As Associated Labels aims to decrease the amount of carbon, energy, dollars and other resources they expend as a company, their new boxes work as a visual statement marking the start of their new earth focused direction. Ashworth explains, "We are committed to eliminating unsustainable habits within our company, while embracing newer, greener alternatives."

"We hope our business partners will gain from our initiative too," Ashworth continues, "We will be sharing our knowledge and findings as they develop. The company has discovered firsthand how minor adjustments to their operations can increase environmental awareness while contributing to financial and environmental gains."

Associated Labels also offers their customers environmentally friendly face-stocks and substrates, including a petroleum free corn-based shrink film that is completely compostable. "This innovative material," Ashworth notes, "can reduce our customer's carbon footprint while maintaining excellent print quality." These environmentally friendly materials "cater to an eco-conscious consumer and their increased focus and demand for sustainability and environmentally aware products."